Lowering your bounce rate means more conversions

If there is one thorn in the proverbial side of every marketing director, and entrepreneur, the world over, it is a website’s bounce rate. Driving traffic is challenging enough without sending them away within seconds of landing on your page. You need to convert them not drive them away and you need to close that sale on their very first visit. Otherwise, states recent research, between 75%-95% of your first time traffic will likely never return. To secure those conversions, you need those visitors to hang around and follow your pre-designed trail all the way to the checkout.

  • Your website needs to take a lesson from the Las Vegas casinos. The Vegas houses know that the longer someone stays in the casino, the more likely they are to spend their money. For your site, the most important way to do that, to drive them to buy, is with calls to action that are placed throughout to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to buy from you. Where ever your visitor goes within your site, there must be a way for them to to buy.
  • While most pop up ads annoy the heck out of most people, creating a couple that automatically arise when your visitor is about to leave can reap huge benefits to your conversion rates. With nearly 80% of all online shoppers abandoning their carts before actually checking out, you must get them to stay and to finish the transaction. Offer special bonuses or discounts with these pop ups. Make it impossible for them not to buy.
  • Finally, you must employ video and your site must be stripped down to its bare essentials. Anything at your site that is not moving that visitor closer to a sale needs to be removed. Your site must be lean and uncluttered. Calls to action need to be everywhere as well as incentives for them to buy right now. Video is the great persuader and commercials especially designed to move product will be a sound investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer