Making the most of your opportunities at LinkedIn

z200The importance of social media to the continued growth and success of your business cannot be overestimated. Today, if you do not have a social media marketing strategy designed to drive traffic, then you will quickly be left behind.

The major players, of course, have to be covered. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are definite musts on your social media landscape. What has recently begun to emerge as a social media site for businesses, however, is LinkedIn. It is quickly becoming a place, not just for professionals, but for businesses looking to get a leg up on driving serious potential customers to their brands.

There are certain strategies to keep in mind with LinkedIn:

  • ¬†You must present yourself and your business in a highly professional manner or you will not be taken seriously. Incomplete profiles are one of the hazards preventing companies from thriving out there. Take the time, and put in the thought needed, to make a complete profile. It is who you are. It is what your company is.
  • You must be specific about what you do and how you will be of help to potential customers and clients. You must explain why they need you and why you are their only choice. Follow this up with some call to action phrases that invites them to visit your website. Once there, you need to convert them to customers.
  • Optimize yourself and always have a photo there. If you can insert certain keywords related to what you specifically do, it will make it easier for potential customers to find you. Have a professional photo done. It is worth the time and the investment. It makes you appear to be the serious professional. Put a selfie up there and expect ridicule and zero traffic.
  • Finally, make your connection requests more personal than just a form letter. You will get better results. Also, make certain you are posting regularly especially with articles and material that establish you as an expert and leader in your industry. In addition, treat the site like a huge trade show. Get out and join groups and network like crazy. You never know what type of leads you might generate.

Including social media into your marketing strategy will continue to be vital to your continued success. Knowing what is going on at each of these sites, and recognizing that you cannot brand your company in the same way everywhere, will be a major step toward separating you and your brand from the rest.