Many companies remain unsure about the marketing value of Twitter

Does your company need some help with their social media management? SearchPro Systems is the answer for you  While most companies are assimilating Twitter into their overall online marketing strategy, many remain unconvinced that it is doing them any good. Infographic recently released a study they concluded in March that tried to discover exactly how everything is going in the twittersphere.


  • While nearly 65% consider Twitter an effective outlet for their branding efforts, there was a significant 30% who have decided that Twitter just isn’t worth the effort, the time and the money. Another challenge, many said, was that it is rather difficult to take any measure of ROI with Twitter. A whopping 45.1% despaired of ever being able to measure their ROI with Twitter and it has begun to greatly affect their online marketing strategy.
  • The second greatest challenge companies are finding with Twitter is that they are struggling with trying to build an audience for their brand. A major 42.1% are struggling with audience building with another 36.8% stating they are having problems with fully engaging a potential audience and customer base.
  • Nearly 30% of those surveyed said they experienced some serious challenges with being able to understand and effectively use Twitter with another 25.6% stating that they are having challenges developing strong, effective and engaging content.
  • Twitter, too, seems to be struggling a bit with regard to their paid content offerings. Only about 9% of brands and companies have availed themselves of Twitter’s paid services while the remaining 92% have either not used them, had no intention of using them, or were completely unaware that Twitter even offers additional services for a fee.


Seems everyone’s online marketing strategy has been taking a hit on Twitter, including Twitter. One thing is for certain, however, and that is Twitter will be around for a long time. A huge chunk of America is on it or follows what’s on it so you still need to integrate it into your online marketing strategy even if you don’t quite have a handle on it yet.