Maximize your business’s video visibility with Video SEO (VSEO)

Posted on July 11, 2011 in Video Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO

Make sure the video is entertaining yet informative. Also, keep it relevant so that the audience remembers what they are watching and therefore remembers your company. ‘How tos’ are a great way to draw viewers in and are good because it concentrates on a particular topic and it helps keep a viewers interest. Most of all think about your audience. Make it entertaining; have it strike a certain interest or emotion with a clear call to action.

2. K.I.S.S
Keep It Short and Simple. An online video for video seo (vseo), should not be more than 3 minutes. Any longer, may exceed a web browser’s attention span. It should be focused on a specific topic (try not to ramble!), be genuine, and include your contact information at the end.

3. An Eye Pleaser.
We don’t expect you to spend tons of money on a video or video seo (vseo), but it should look somewhat professional. Using an old cheap camera can be kind of a turnoff, especially if the person taking the video doesn’t know what he/she is doing. People are naturally attracted to things that are visually appealing so the video should come in clear, be edited well, and should not be too shaky. Keep it colorful and add movement to draw viewers in. Be enthusiastic (but not over-the-top), it will make you seem warmer and more relatable. Animation can make great attention grabbers too and can even help explain things better to the audience.

4. The Sound of Video
Not only does visual play a huge role in video, but so does sound. No one wants to pay attention to a video where the sound keeps cutting out or you have to turn the volume way up and put your head against the speaker just to know what their talking about. Test out your sound before you shoot the complete video and make sure you have decent audio so you don’t come in sounding all muffled. Another part of sound is what you say in the video. Not only should it be informational but it doesn’t hurt to include a sense of humor too! Humor will likely add to the appeal of your business as long as it is in good taste and doesn’t come off too cheesy. Music is great feature to incorporate into video as long as it goes with the theme and feel of everything else.

5. SEO!!!!
In order to make video seo (vseo) work and rank on search engines you must make sure your video is properly optimized. First, upload your video to a video sharing site (i.e. YouTube). Then, you need to add relevant textual content that search engine robots can easily read and categorize. When you publish your video add text transcripts and captions (with links and information) on the page with your business video. An important aspect of video seo (VSEO) is using metadata descriptions; this should include a description of the video using multiple keywords. Also, use these relevant keywords within the title of your video to make it easier to search. On top of this, optimize your video’s URL to contain information about the video and keywords.

To further optimize your video, try to link to your video from outside sources when possible; from websites, blogs, social media, etc. You should also encourage ratings and reviews on your video too, because search engines pay more attention to videos with higher ratings. This also shows that people really like your video and are likely to share it with their friends.