Why it may be time to bring in that experienced SEO firm

There are so many distinct challenges to running a successful business these days that it can be impossible for a business owner to do everything and do everything well. One area in which many small business owners believe they are efficient is in their SEO and social media marketing efforts. SEO is a serious tool in the success box of any small business and it far too important to be left to amateurs. Perhaps it is time to consider taking on that professional SEO firm?

  • These days, SEO is a rather complex and ever shifting affair that requires many people dedicating themselves to its success on a full time basis. Strategies can shift on an almost daily basis depending on the latest search and online marketing research. As more and more consumers shift from desktops and laptops to their mobile phones, SEO can get even more complex and intricate.
  • Algorithm changes can mean the difference between increasing your traffic or finding that your traffic is dropping. As Google continues to dominate the rules of search, true SEO professionals now know that there are other factors out there, like RankBrain, that are having a major impact on where you will end up on a SERP.
  • When you continue to do it yourself, or just employ a part time amateur team to your SEO efforts, the chances of making devastating mistakes will increase. Can you afford Google search penalties? A professional firm will know what to avoid and what to concentrate on to save you some devastating mistakes and penalties you may never be able to recover from.
  • A professional SEO firm will have all of the latest tools and technology, as well as a diversified staff that knows how to integrate and work together to get you the fastest and the most reliable long term results as possible. In addition, a professional SEO firm will have state of the art analytics that can be drawn upon to ensure that you are headed in the right direction and ensure that you are targeting what you need to target to build brand awareness and drive traffic.
  • Finally, your ROI will show a huge increase as the professional SEO firm will get you up and running properly right from the start. No more trial and error. No more stupid strategies and mistakes. No more hiring the wrong people. In addition, a professional firm can easily and efficiently keep an eye on your rivals and see what they are doing, how they are doing, and where they are going.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer