Micro vids taking social media by storm

Videocamera web icon, flat design Integrating video into your social media marketing strategy should be something you are already doing. Video has fast become one of the most popular, and efficient, ways to spread your message and drive traffic. A well thought out and presented video will do wonders for your name recognition and for increasing your customer base. What has been taking social media, and mobile, by storm of late has been the introduction of the micro video.

  •  A micro video runs for six seconds and can be created using such platforms as Vine and Instagram. Vine has been the overall leader of late where social media marketing strategists have been creating six second videos and sending them to mobile devices as well as to Facebook and Twitter feeds.. The great thing about a Vine micro video is that they loop. In addition, Instagram has introduced its 15 second video. It is a more comprehensive length but they don’t currently have the ability to run in a continuous loop.
  •  Social media marketing strategists have long known the effect of video at the social media platforms. Most research suggests that users are 60% more engaged with video and are more likely to click through or visit your store than if you just used text or the occasional photo.
  •  Twitter owned Vine is a bit of a phenomenon. In its relatively short existence, it has built a user base of 130 million. The popularity of this social media marketing form was secured when over fifty million six second micro vids were created and sent to mobile devices on the first day of Vine’s existence.
  •  The short six second bursts are hugely well received but you need to be creative with regard to what you do with them. They are a good length for a quick message or a review of a product or two. A well crafted six second version can increase your click through rate dramatically.
  •  The fifteen second Instagram version, however, is being more employed as a longer term social media marketing solution. It offers the opportunity to craft a well defined commercial even though it won’t loop.
  •  The best feature about the short video is that they are designed to be shared around social media quickly. Many a short vid has gone viral. Integrating these short video platforms and sending them out to mobile devices as well as your social media platforms can be yet another social media marketing avenue to effectively drive traffic to your site or to your store.