Mobile advertising has begun to take a firm hold in the marketing mindset

mobile-ads   Mobile advertising is quickly becoming entrenched in the marketing mindset of just about every business that has plans on being profitable and successful. Businesses are spending big with regard to mobile and there does not look as if it is bound to slow down anytime soon.

 Money spent on mobile advertising last year nearly double what was spent the year before in 2012. Last year, businesses spent nearly ten billion dollars on their mobile adverting. Even Facebook and Google have entered the mobile marketing fray. Many companies and brand are discovering that they can reach a highly targeted demographic with mobile. They can be where their potential customers are and inspire them toward a conversion.

 Believe it or not, the android phone and the iphone debuted less than seven short years ago. Since that time, smartphones and tablets have bulled their way into the mainstream. In app ads are most assuredly finding their targets with reporting that these ads have a 2000% higher click through rate than any previously attempted advertising construct.

 While mobile advertising continues to gain momentum it still remains just over one percent of the total advertising being spent by companies and businesses. They have found that the typical consumer interacts with their tablet or phone at least a couple of hundred times every day which figures out to be nearly two and a half hours every day is spent engaging their mobile technology.

 Tablets are getting higher click through and response rates but businesses continue to pour their mobile advertising money about equally between the two technologies. This is no mere fad of a movement. Mobile advertising is a must for any brand that is looking to capture serious market share within their chosen demographic. If you have yet to begin your mobile advertising campaign, it would be wise to begin now. You can bet your competition is already out there.