Why your mobile marketing needs to be doing these things

Your SEO marketing efforts need to pivot toward mobile marketing and it needs to do it quickly. If you haven’t already begun optimizing for mobile, you are already so far behind that it is going to take you a while to catch up. There are several major reasons for your company to be reaching a mobile audience. The least of which being that mobile search has now overtaken desktop search as the primary way in which potential customers are trying to find you.

  • Perhaps the sole reason for stepping up your mobile SEO is because that is what the search god Google has recently demanded of businesses. Your site needs to be enhanced for mobile viewing or you must construct a whole new single site that is dedicated to only being viewed on a mobile device. If you don’t start doing that, bully Google will begin to penalize your SEO marketing efforts.
  • If you are not optimized for mobile, you are missing out on a huge swath of potential customers as more and more people move toward being exclusively mobile when online. Many of the social media platforms have created new advertising outlets that allows advertisers to more easily target certain demographics via their mobile devices.
  • Being mobile means you have increased your chances of reaching a particular customer. Even if you are also targeting the desktop audience, it is likely that they are mobile also which allows you to make them aware of you time and time again. There is also the latest technology, like virtual reality, that can easily and effectively plugged in to your mobile marketing content to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic.
  • You need to jump in now, if you haven’t already, because the longer you wait the more risk that your advertising and SEO costs are going to increase. In addition, your mobile marketing efforts allow you to get closer and more personal with your potential audience. Their mobile devices, especially their phones, are something that they carry with them at all times and the effect of reaching out to them on such a personal device can generate a stronger feeling of trust for your company.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer