Some mobile stats you really need to look at

z154  If your website has yet to be responsively designed to take advantage of the enormous amount of traffic that is accessing the web via smart phones and tablets, you had best start doing it today. Mobile use has increased tremendously just over the last year alone and many of your potential customers are there. Are you? Here are just a few stats gathered from some current research done by various sources that make it abundantly clear that you need to be mobile and you need to be mobile now.

  •  If you have an email marketing plan in place, you must be mobile. Over the past year, mobile devices, especially phones, have become the number one way in which people are reading and responding to their emails. You email campaigns are too important for them not to be responsive to the mobile user.
  • Companies that have been gaining ground with their search engine optimization and their online marketing have been doing so because they are placing more emphasis on the mobile market. Well over half of all Americans now access the internet on their mobile device. You must place a new emphasis on your overall marketing strategies that heavily target mobile devices.
  • In addition, over 60% of online users worldwide are using their mobile devices, smart phones in particular, as their only tool for accessing the internet and the World Wide Web.
  • The average person consumes around seven hours a day of online and electronics offerings. Nearly two of those hours are spent accessing their mobile phones. In fact, in one survey taken, it was discovered that nearly 70% of those surveyed stated that they would rather give up chocolate and alcohol rather than surrender any cell phone time. That same survey discovered that nearly 40% would actually give up sex rather than give up their phones.
  • You must begin to incorporate SMS text messaging into your SEO and online marketing. Research has found that nearly 80% of mobile users are more apt to read one of those than read an email. In addition, consumers believe it is a great way for marketers to reach out to their customers, and potential customers, with news, discounts, and coupons.
  • Nearly 70% of mobile users want to be contacted by companies and have responded by purchasing a product or service after being solicited via their mobile device. If your online mobile marketing strategy is price and time sensitive as well as showing your closest retail location, you are far more likely to make a sale via mobile marketing than in any other manner.