More SEO Tips for 2013

Posted on January 9, 2013 in Google, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Social Media

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In the world of SEO, the rules are always changing and new tactics are applied every day. There are many SEO tips out there to help you improve the SEO for your company. With that, here are some more SEO tips to help you and your company in the New Year.

  • New and Intriguing Content: Creating your own, unique content is what gets you ranked on search engines. If you copy someone else’s content or post a duplicate article, Google will punish you with lower rankings. A way to make sure your content doesn’t exist elsewhere on the web is to use sites like Copyscape or Dupil Checker.
  • The Best Content: The highest quality content out on the web is written for the users, not for SEO purposes. Your content should also contain your target keywords in it somewhere. If you use too many keywords, your site will get penalized for keyword stuffing, which will lead to lower rankings. Your articles should also reach a minimum of 300 words so the search engines don’t think that the post is too short and consider it spam.
  • Building Back Links: This can be a very challenging aspect of SEO as Google only accepts natural back links to avoid sites that are just spam. Putting links in comments won’t work as well anymore either as Google will punish exact match anchor text links. Avoid back links from bad websites and remember that you can use the Disavow links tool from Google to report bad links.
  • Using Internal Links: This can be a very good SEO technique to use as it allows you to build links within your own website to the pages you want ranked. As users click on the relevant links, this will give you good rankings on Google and supplies you with a back link as well. The key is to use relevant posts and topics to keep users on your site longer.
  • Social Media is your Friend: If you haven’t already guessed, social media is playing a very major roll in SEO in the New Year. By having your content shared on social media sites such as Google +, Facebook, and Twitter, your content gains a wider audience, Google sees that it is relevant and new, and this will bring you up in the search engine rankings.
  • Mobile Devices: In this modern world, many users are accessing web content through a Smartphone or tablet. It is important for you and your company that you have a website that is optimized for mobile devices or visitors may be more likely to access a site that is friendly to their iPad or iPhone.

With these tips in mind, remember to keep on your SEO in the New Year and always check for new techniques and practices that could help you out. Strong content is key as well as making sure that you use Social Media frequently.