Nearly half of all small businesses don’t have a website

z72 You are working hard to create a SEO strategy and to carry it out. You have an active social media strategy and it is beginning to pay off. Capturing new leads and new clients is your continuous goal. Despite this, nearly half of all American small businesses don’t even have a website. It sounds truly incredible in this day in age but the research is there and it is not promising.

  • Latest research from Statistic Brain revealed that a full 47% of all American small businesses don’t currently have a website. That is actually two percent fewer than there were in 2009. Reasons vary from business to business but the fact remains that website development needs to be in your marketing arsenal.
  • Of that 47% who are operating without one, slightly fewer than 10% of them plan on getting a website up and running this year. Not only are they falling behind their competitors who have a website and an overall online and SEO strategy, but they are missing out on an entire younger demographic who are using their mobile devices to make purchases. Last year, nearly 40% of all cell phone users (that’s quite a lot, by the way) bought something using their phone or other mobile device like a tablet.
  • Around 40% of the more than 14,000 small business owners Statistic Brain spoke with declared that they don’t think their business needs a website. What business knowledge or marketing savvy they based that decision on is unknown. Another 20% don’t want to spend the money or they don’t have the time to develop a website. Do small business owners really have time to effectively develop their websites?
  • For female owned small businesses, the statistics are, by far, the worst. Almost 80% of woman owned small businesses in American don’t have a website for their company. If the small business is owned by both a man and a woman in partnership, 75% of them don’t have a website.
  • In these times, when competition is so fierce, it simply stuns the imagination that so many small businesses don’t have a website. Any cost involved is not really a cost but, rather, an investment. There is, also, the trust factor. Most people simply will not trust or have confidence in a small business that doesn’t have something as basic as a website.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer