Need to boost your B2B sales? Try these hacks…

Creating and sustaining a successful B2B business can take longer, and can be fraught with more setbacks, than your standard B2C endeavor. There are certain tactics and strategies, from SEO to social marketing to one on one encounters, that make the B2B challenge somewhat more difficult to pull off. So, how can you stay one step ahead of your rivals and assure that potential customers are there for you when they are ready to buy?

  • It all really begins with the clients you have. Why do they come to you? How are you solving problems for them? Why do they like you and recommend you to their friends? Start with taking the immediate pulse of all of your current clients and customers to see what it is that keeps them loyal to you rather than heading off to one of your competitors. Most importantly, how long was the process to secure them? Can you make it a shorter conversion period in the future?
  • If you have not already integrated video into your sales cycle then you are already way behind. It is, by far, the best ROI you, or any other company, are likely to get. In fact, four times as many prospects become clients because of video content that those not exposed to video. Also, well over 80% of buyers believe that video is preferable over reading and that video presentations of products and services are extremely helpful to them when making a buying decision. Not only may video marketing be your best bang for the proverbial buck, but it is an excellent platform for customer reviews and testimonials.
  •  A couple of the strongest sales weapons in the B2B arsenal are the trade show and the case study. These two marketing tools are as formidable as it gets with regard to retaining and converting new customers and clients. Recent research has suggested that nearly 75% of all companies use case studies as a serious research tool in their process of coming to a buying decision.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer