Need to drive more traffic with your video SEO? Try these hacks…

Your video SEO strategy can be one of the most effective marketing weapons your business can have. Research has declared, time and time again, that video is far more effective at driving traffic than all of your other SEO strategies combined. You need video at your site as well as out at all of your social media platforms. This is especially true for YouTube. You must have a YouTube channel because you must be out at the second largest search engine in the world.

  • Perhaps the one thing that will make a huge difference in your video SEO is something most businesses fail to do. While it is rather time consuming, it is a simple enough strategy that could make your video marketing rank higher than your competitors. What most businesses fail to do, especially small businesses, is to properly, and completely, fill out out each and every field in the video description section. Filling in all of these open fields increases your chances of your video being found as well as being shared. Gather your most effective keywords and put them to immediate use. If you are filling in all of the open fields, it will give a total of 5,000 characters to work with. Not taking advantage of this is something you can’t afford.
  • Another flaw in many a small business video production plan is not paying enough attention to the quality of the video that is produced. If you continue to use low quality equipment and people who have no idea how to properly shoot a video, you will greatly damage your reputation and your brand. Poor production will make your business look like an amateur operation. You need quality equipment, quality scripts and quality acting or you just shouldn’t bother. These are your commercials, your product and service films. Many a small business complains that they can’t afford the quality they need but, in reality, can you afford not to do it?
  • Finally, you must be optimized for mobile use. As more and more users turn to their smart phones for search, the greater the audience you can reach with your video SEO efforts. Users today would rather watch a two minute video that read a content article even if both were exactly the same. Now is the time to make your video SEO efforts shine and drive the traffic you need to be successful.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer