Why you need a multi channel attack

It’s all about the conversions. It’s all about knowing where your potential customers and clients are. But, you likely already know that. Trying to extend your reach can be a difficult thing since customers seem to be spread out everywhere especially when they are in the middle of a buying journey. Making things as easy as possible for customers to connect and buy from you is what it really is all about these days. That’s why a multi channel approach may be just what you need.

  • The advantage to going the multi channel route to increase your conversions can be twofold. First, conventional marketing research has always stated that a potential customer needs to be exposed to a company and their products or services as least seven times before they actually commit to purchasing. Secondly, exposing your company and what you sell to several different platforms will allow you to increase your brand awareness and trust while making that seven times exposure as quick as possible.
  • Research declares that the more brand awareness and name recognition a company has the much higher conversion rate they tend to have over their far lesser known rivals. Go further in depth about your customers and who they are, where they are, and how they actually buy. Knowing all of this, it now becomes possible to target those platforms and channels, extend your reach, establish your trust factor and increase those conversion numbers.
  • Once you are where you want to be, you must make it as simple as possible for your potential customers to buy from you. That means your methods of contact and calls to action must be the same across all of your channels because, no matter where that customer is, they must see continuity. Confuse them and you are just sending them off to your competitors.
  • Up your mobile game. Over 70% of all searches are done from a mobile device, especially phones. Additional research suggests that 90% of all mobile searches result in a buy. This means you must increase your local search efforts because you need that traffic when it is easy for them to come right to you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer