Online marketing strategy good where it is? Really?

Your online marketing strategy encompasses everything from your SEO and social media marketing to your content production and influencer marketing. If you are standing pat with what you have been doing, you will likely get run down by your rivals all during the coming year. Your online marketing strategies have never been more important to your growth. Here are just a few hacks that will take your online marketing, and your business, to the next level:

  • One of the reasons many small companies are stunted with regard to growth is that they fail to incorporate all of the aspects of their business so that the business is all on the same page. Often, your digital marketing team has no idea what your sales team or traditional marketing team is doing to say nothing of your customer service reps. You must align your entire company with your expressed vision for where your company needs to go and where it needs to be.
  • You simply can’t take your attention away from your SEO efforts. SEO strategy will always be your main weapon with regard to attracting traffic. There is always room for improvement and for trying out new and more effective strategies that will continue to rank your company higher than your competitors.
  • Video and content marketing must go hand in hand in the coming year and for the foreseeable future. Latest research continues to show that up to 80% of potential customers would rather learn about your business through an article post rather than an outright ad. Telling the right and engaging story about you and your business will always be the best way to engage and to drive conversions. Make sure you diversify your content with blog posts, your infographics and your videos.
  • Begin to explore the virtues of live video presentations and feeds. Live video has, of course, been in many a marketing arsenal for quite a while but the engagement factor for a live broadcast is triple the viewership of written content as well as that of a regular three minute video ad. Live video is a premier strategy for getting your viewers behind the scenes at your company.
  • Think about how your digital marketing efforts can begin to track the new Generation Z which includes, for the most part, those born after 1995. Be open and honest with everyone and try to integrate video testimonials from satisfied and loyal past customers. While Facebook seems to be everyone’s go-to platform, Instagram has begun to explode with over 800 million visitors every month. It is the perfect platform for engaging stories that drive traffic and make conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer