Optimizing Videos for Product Introductions

Posted on April 20, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Video content is quickly becoming the largest area of growth in online marketing with the advent of Universal Search.  One of the most popular video content formats for web video is product introduction videos. Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure success for your product introduction video specifically, and for your Video SEO campaign as a whole.

The first and by far most important step in VSEO campaigns is to determine what keywords are appropriate for your video. While it is tempting to target only for popular keywords, it is a far more effective VSEO strategy to find the sweetspot in between popularity and relevance to your video.  Search engines reward content that is relevant to its keyword tags and penalize irrelevant content.

Video Production
In terms of a VSEO strategy, it is best to start with a short video for a product introduction, approximately 1-2 minutes in length.  Viewers will rarely watch video that is longer unless the content is compelling.  You will need to choose a style for your video:  will it be strictly educational? Will you use humor in the hopes that the video will go viral?  When writing your dialog, be sure to use your Video SEO keywords two to three times, because Google uses speech-recognition technology to transcribe your dialog in its Universal Search listing results pages.

Optimize the Video Itself
Search engines place great relevance on your tags in Universal Search, so be sure to maximize this opportunity.  Be sure to include 1-2 VSEO keywords in all tags, captions, and metadata, and most importantly, the video file name.  You should have a clear call to action at the end of your video so your viewers act immediately when they finish viewing your video.

The video’s thumbnail has great importance in your overall VSEO strategy, as it is what will appear when your video is listed in Universal Search rankings.  You can choose the thumbnail when distributing your product demo video to YouTube:  you are offered a choice between the first frame, the halfway point, and the end point.  Be sure to show your call to action in the thumbnail so it is front and center in the search rankings.

Product Demo Video Landing page
Create a landing page for your video, and optimize the page according to traditional on-page SEO techniques.  As part of your VSEO practices, be sure to include a dialog transcript on this page and make it easy for your users to propagate your video by including a ‘share link’ function directly on the page.  Be sure that your video is embedded on the page, as search engines cannot interpret JavaScript.