Optimizing Your Pages for VSEO

Posted on February 11, 2013 in Video Marketing, Video Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO

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What is VSEO? VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing not only your website but videos you post around the internet as well. You may post to sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, but an average of 2 days worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every hour, and your video could easily get lost in the mix.

This is where VSEO comes in. Videos are a great tool to use when marketing, but these videos have to be properly optimized in order for them to show up higher on YouTube and Google search rankings.

Here are some VSEO tips and tricks to help you out:

The Title: When it comes to search engines, the first things they see are what get ranked higher. The goal for you is to place your target keywords in the beginning of the title. But your title can’t just be stuffed with keywords, this won’t attract viewers to your videos. Instead, your titles need to be creative while at the same time being practical for VSEO purposes.

The Description: This part can be used to provide a description of your video which enables you to place your target keywords on the page itself. The way search engine bots work is that they read and crawl over all the text on a webpage. They are incapable of reading videos or pictures, so it’s the content that surrounds this media that gets the page ranked. Your description could contain the transcription from the video if you feel the video’s dialogue will help get the video ranked higher.

Audience Participation: A keypoint in any VSEO campaign is getting feedback from your viewers and interacting with them. This shows search engines that the page is active which will get your video ranked higher. Don’t be afraid to ask viewers to share, like, or comment on the video. YouTube also provides you with the ability to add on-video annotations where you can ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and follow your videos. Subscribers are much more likely to share your video. Encourage your viewers to embed the video on their own blogs and websites as well. This will increase the amount of people that see your site and could drive up traffic as well.

With these basic VSEO tips in mind, you can help increase your video rankings as well as your own webpage rankings.