Optimizing Your YouTube Channel’s Social Media Links for VSEO

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Getting people to get to your social media outlets through your YouTube page seems like an easy way to interact with your fans. You place the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. buttons at the end of your videos and you just naturally expect your audience to click those buttons, but it’s not that easy. You need to do just a little bit more once they’re on your videos and watching them. To really improve your VSEO (video search engine optimization) you need to improve how you engage your audience for your social media outlets and that tiny little icon that shows up everywhere and represents your channel? That’s called an avatar and it can be an important part of your VSEO as well.

Improve Those Social Media Links

At the end of videos, blog posts, media posts, etc, you have the standard social media buttons with typical sayings of “Follow us,” “Like us,” “Circle us,” “Stumble this,” etc. This is not a good way to engage people though. Give them a reason to visit those accounts, ask them to do something like:

  • Tweet us a question
  • Share an idea with us
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Ask something we can address in our next video/post
  • Give us a prompt for our next video

By allowing your viewers to take part in how your videos are made by letting them ask questions and featuring them in some form in your videos is a call-to-action that gives your viewers the ability to feel like they are personally involved with your channel. The more involved they feel the higher the activity will be on your videos. This in turn increases your VSEO substantially.

Your Avatar and its importance to VSEO

Creating new images for your new YouTube channel can be a challenge, but there’s more to the images than just the banners and header images. There’s a tiny little icon that shows up everywhere and it’s your avatar or channel icon. Where does it show up?

  • The channel home page
  • Over multiple devices
  • Search page
  • Watch page
  • The home feed that shows your channel’s activity to subscribers
  • Browse page
  • The YouTube guide

Still think this little icon isn’t that important? When creating your branding images, all those big banner images are important, but so is the tiny little avatar that is seen basically everywhere you can be found. Just like a custom thumbnail, an avatar image will be seen in many different sizes, mostly small to very small, so you have to remember to pick something simple. It also has to reflect your brand or theme and be both easily recognizable and creative at the same time. This can increase your VSEO as your avatar can be easily attributed back to your channel.