How to overcome your online marketing challenges

Every small business knows by now that the chances of survival these days without any manner of online marketing is just about zero. The challenges are everywhere, especially when you are first starting up. There is so much to consider and getting your SEO and other online marketing efforts up and running can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor. Understanding the challenges, however, can better prepare you and your business to take that leap toward ongoing success and growth.

  • The first challenge is the financing of your advertising and marketing strategies. You know that you will need proper SEO as well as social media presence and proper website design to encourage conversions. All of this is, of course, a long term endeavor. There may be some negative ROI at the beginning as you build your online presence and brand awareness. Your online marketing is not an instant gratification situation but a long term investment in the future of your company and you must put aside enough financial resources for it to succeed in the long run.
  • The next challenge is the time investment as well as the strategic allocation of your resources. Will you have an in house marketing team of will you just hire on an experienced SEO marketing firm? How do the resources get spread across SEO, social media and other online advertising and marketing efforts? Often, many small business owners find that it is a constantly evolving situation that has to be adjusted to on an almost weekly or even daily basis. The time invested can be a huge block of time from a day or a week. Planning for the time needed for your online marketing to succeed will take a dedicated system that gets integrated into your overall business operations.
  • Finding the right team, or online marketing firm, is crucial to your success. Find those with experience and long term successful results for their clients. Look for those experts who have been around and have the knowledge, the experience and successful track record to allow your business to compete effectively. Online marketing is employed by every business because it has proven, over time, to work effectively to increase brand recognition and to drive traffic. Besides, there is a ton of competition out there and you can rest assured that your rivals are doing all they can with their online marketing to capture as much market share as they possibly can.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer