Are you overthinking your online marketing?

Of course your SEO and social media marketing strategies are crucial to your future. But, are you simply overthinking it all of the time? Too many small business owners are trying to do all of this themselves rather than outsourcing to a professional firm and are finding themselves getting bogged down with few, if any, results. Here are just a few symptoms to tell you that you are really over complicating things:

  • Too many small business owners who are trying to do things themselves are just spending too much time trying to do it without seeing any manner of solid results and ROI from it all. For one thing, you are in a complete frenzy when you are preparing to post. You have all of your sites open and trying to load everything up individually. You are, in all probability, on too many social media sites and you may have to evaluate that strategy so as to save time and resources.
  • Another fatal sign is that you are thinking about what to post for content for hours every time it is time to do so. If you are doing this, you have absolutely no handle whatsoever on your online marketing strategy. You need to turn it over to a more efficient process. You need a posting calendar as well as a long term vision for your content both written and video. Your SEO and online marketing strategy is too crucial to your future growth and survival to leave it in an amateur spot. Are you and your business a bunch of amateurs? Likely not so why should something this important bear any resemblance to the amateur?
  • Finally, you keep banging your head against the wall trying to come up with original content all of the time. Sure, original content is the best way to go overall but there are times when a little variety will help you just as well. You need to also be curating some content as well as re-purposing some of your best original content. Build alliances with other companies and influential bloggers throughout your industry or profession as well as offer webinars and podcasts that will drive traffic and build brand awareness. There is so much to your online strategy that it can get overwhelming if you don’t have a proper vision, and a proper team, putting it together and executing it for you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer