Why your podcasts will drive conversions

Integrating your marketing strategies is a must these days. Competition is fierce and you need every advantage you can gain to increase your current market share. All of your marketing efforts, from SEO to social media to content and video creation and distribution need to work together to increase brand awareness, create trust, drive traffic and make conversions. Creating and promoting regular podcasts can help to move you beyond your marketing to become an influential factor in, not only driving traffic, but making those much needed conversions.

  • Unlike your regular video content, podcasts are much longer and they offer the viewer a chance to meet you, your team, your employees and your business. With your video content, you are producing upbeat commercials as well as in depth product and service explanations and features. With the podcast, however, you are bringing everyone right into the heart of your business.
  • The podcast is the perfect format to extent your brand’s awareness. Introduce your audience to yourself and those around you that are making your company a success. By meeting you close up and personal, it gives your potential customers and clients to see a real person behind the business. This will allow their guards to drop a bit. They begin to see you as a real and regular person. Because of this, over time, trust will be strongly established.
  • It will also help you to build your public speaking and presentation skills without a whole lot of preparation or scripting. This will serve you well as your business continues to grow. Because they are longer than your average video content, you can explore more in depth with regard to your products and services and how you are so much better than your rivals.
  • The main reason you should be doing regular podcasts is because they have an extremely high rate of engagement. You can truly shine and show your audience why you are different; why you are the best. Even if you don’t think you are ready to dive into the podcast waters, find a podcast that is complimentary with what your business does and run a commercial on it. You can engage a whole new audience and research has shown time and again that audiences engage with podcasts. They are making time in their day to do so and nearly 90% of podcast viewers watch the entire broadcast including the commercials.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer