Have you prepared for these new marketing shifts?

As your online marketing strategies continue to evolve and blossom, it is important for marketing directors and small business owners to stay abreast of the changes and trends that are constantly arriving. Marketing trends have, once again, begun to shift as marketing directors and marketing teams begin to adapt their strategy and logistics to embrace these new directions.

  • Video, of course, has begun to dominate search as well as to dominate content. While written content, both short and long form, will continue to bring the best SEO results, video has begun to make its presence known. Marketing pros and teams are producing everything from podcasts to behind the scenes looks to live streaming of special events, in an effort to dominate their industries and professions. Last year, live streams actually comprised nearly 75% of all web traffic and viewers watch a live steaming event three time longer than a regular pre-recorded video. Mobile video continues to rise as potential customers are watching an average of 36 minutes of video a day on their phones compared with only around 19 minutes a day on desktops and laptops.
  • Creative lead generation as well as artificial intelligence will continue to grow as marketing professionals and teams continue to combine their machine learning capabilities with their data crunching to produce powerful and effective marketing. Such capabilities allows marketers to locate and to personalize their branding and marketing campaigns so as to drive more traffic and create more conversions. According to recent data research, nearly 60% of marketers around the country are putting AI and big data to use with great success.
  • The most effective use of marketing video continues to be videos that fully explain products and services. They are getting four times the views as written explanations as visual explanations continue to have a longer lasting effect on behavior. The integration of chatbots will also come to the forefront and will soon be a natural part of every website and product or service page. It allows companies to be in instant contact with a potential conversion and it is estimated that around 85% of all customer service interactions will be with chatbots within the next two years.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer