Proving SEO as an Investment and Not Just a Cost

Posted on September 14, 2013 in SEO

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One of the major mistakes a leader in any business can do is underestimate how important SEO is to their business. They think that SEO is limited only to getting your site ranked higher on the king of all search engines, Google, but it is much, much more than simple search engine rankings. The flawed perception about SEO is that it is little more than a cost for a company and that it’s just another piece of marketing that needs to be paid for. But SEO is an investment, one that can push your online presence up to new levels and gain new business for you and your company. Here are some ways to show that SEO is an important investment for you.

1. How you buy your SEO services is something you should evaluate. The sad truth is that SEO is more than likely the largest contributor to your overall revenue, but it only receives a very small fraction of your overall marketing budget. If you increase your SEO budget, you will more than likely reach your financial and strategic goals at a rate that you want.

2. SEO services aren’t something that should be dictated by price. SEO is not a formulaic practice. There’s a chance that a low-cost SEO provider might be the answer, but at the same time it could also cost you more in the end, could complicate your business, and be dangerous if the SEO isn’t being done in your best interest. Make sure the SEO you pay for is practicing what’s best for your business.

3. Set up a performance based system for your SEO consultant. If they are able to drive qualified leads and sales to your business but are being held up by a lack of resource allocation, try to help them out a little. Do this by giving them an “unlimited” budget, basically giving them what they need as long as it brings you a big ROI (return on investment). This could be very profitable for you in the long run so don’t hold your SEO back because of a lack of budget.

4. Invest not only in SEO, but SEO training. Your clients who are more willing to invest time and money on it experience the best benefits for their companies. Recommend basic SEO training for all of your clients, as this will give them (and yourself) an advantage over their competitors.

5. The quick fix is a short lived answer that will just end up costing you more in the end. If you don’t want to bother with knowledge transfer and learning from an SEO consultant, your business will end up failing. You can’t just want the problem fixed, you have to learn what the problem was, how it was fixed, and how to prevent it in the future. This will end up saving you a lot of money and help you budget for a better, permanent, SEO solution.