Quick SEO Tips for Beginners

Posted on January 23, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO

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You want to break into the world of SEO but you’re new to the whole SEO scene and you’re not quite sure where to get started. Not to worry, here are some quick tips to help get you started:

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

The first goal for any SEO campaign is to discover what people are look for when it comes to the product or service that you’re trying to market. How do these terms relate to your website? A great tool to let you find this out is Google’s AdWords tool. This can help prevent you from doing rewrites later on.

Write with a natural purpose

What this means is that when you are creating copy for your site or your blog entries, make sure that you are writing for the intent of the visitor and not for the intent of Google’s search engine bots. Google can figure out if your writing is for the sole purpose of attracting search engines and will rank you down for it.

Be descriptive

Use nice descriptive names for everything on your site: pictures, web pages, links, everything. A picture with a description of “SEO in Boston.jpg” looks better than “pictureID3456.jpg.” Remember to put keywords in the ALT text for a photo, but make sure it’s written naturally.

Use menus and static links

Use static links or menus of static links to access content on other pages of your website that are relevant to the topic. Visitors like static links but search engines love static links. Use keywords in your blog entries that contain a link to a relevant page on your website to create a back link for your website.

Search engines love images

Images should be used on all the important pages of your website and in every blog entry you create. Add keywords to the title and alt parts of the image file as search engines include images in search results. Make sure the images are relevant to the content that they’re added to.

Focus on your target market

Your goal should be to use keywords in your created content that is important to the market that you want to target. Demographic terms, location terms, and industry terms should be included in your content.

Create content regularly

When it comes to creating content, it is a process that needs to be done weekly in order for the search engines to see that your website is a viable resource. Fresh content is attractive to search engines and shows them that your website is active and will rank you higher because of it.