Quick Video SEO Tips for Beginners

Posted on January 24, 2013 in SEO, Video Marketing, Video Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO

Looking for VSEO for your company in NH? SearchPro Systems is the solution for you.Now that you’ve broken into SEO a little bit, it’s time to explore an underrated, yet highly valuable sub-category of SEO, Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). With VSEO, you can create videos for your company and then get those videos ranked at the top of search engine results. Here are a few quick tips to get you started with VSEO:

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

As in SEO, VSEO’s demands for keywords in the right places are just as high. With VSEO, your target areas for keywords are in the titles, tags and the description of the video. The more relevant terms used to describe your videos, the higher chances of them getting ranked on the first page. Use Google’s AdWords tool to find what potential viewers are looking for and add those keywords into the title and make it natural.

Use Closed Captioning and Transcripts

Closed captions much like subtitles allow you the option of displaying text on the screen that is synchronized with the spoken content in the video. These captions can also include additional sounds and extra notes about the video. These captions are another searchable source for search engines that check all readable content around a video thereby, boosting VSEO. These captions can also be good for viewers with hearing impairments and can help make translation of your video into other languages easier.

Audience Interaction

As we know with SEO, a page getting a lot of hits and comments and feedback will show up to search engines as an active page and get ranked higher. The same applies to videos. When it comes to VSEO, engage in the comments section and encourage your audience to like and favorite your video as well as share it with their friends on social media.

Create a Video Sitemap

A search engine’s bots can’t read flash files, so instead, you have to create a video sitemap for VSEO purposes. A video sitemap allows those bots to recognize the file and index the content for search engine results. Google’s webmaster tools are a great way to get started in understanding how that works.

How YouTube Ranks Videos

Since Google bought YouTube there has been more emphasis placed on VSEO as part of an SEO campaign. Because of this, it’s important to know what YouTube looks at when ranking videos.

  • Title, tags and description
  • How many views the video has received
  • How much audience participation: amount of likes, dislikes, comments, responses and favorites
  • If the video is on a playlist
  • The channel’s subscribers and friends
  • How old the video is
  • How many times the video has been embedded and shared