Reasons why Your Blog Isn’t Being Read

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You’ve come up with the latest and greatest blog that you know everyone will want to read. You hope every day for someone to come and comment on your posts and share your content with their friends…but everyday there is nothing.

Why is no one reading your blog?

Without the right blog management services, your blogging efforts will be for naught. Here are a few reasons why people don’t read others blogs and how you can fix yours.

Your Blog’s Look

Most importantly, the typeface that is used can affect many readers’ decision to stay on your blog and read it. The typography consists of the font size and the font type that need to be in balance in order for readers to want to stay on your blog.

Instead of using the default size of 12 px, use a bigger size like 14 to 16 px to make it easier to read for any and all readers. The best font types to use are ones like Verdana and Georgia that are plain and simple. Remember to keep font size to that range though, as anything bigger and your readers will have to scroll more which isn’t a good thing.

Lacking Headlines

When it comes to blog reading, readers rarely click on a headline that doesn’t grab their interest and spend more time skimming headlines than they do reading content.

Headlines are the first thing readers will see and they are the most important part of any blog. They can increase your readership which will in turn increase your page views, shares, comments, etc. Headlines that consist of questions, How To’s, or numbers will pique people’s curiosity and get them to click through.

The stats to back this up? 80% of online readers read headlines and 20% of them read the content if the headlines grab their attention. Headlines are your most valuable asset.

Boring Content

Most new, startup blogs fail horribly due to a lack of good content. Good content means finding a way to connect with your readers and building a relationship with them. What are your readers’ problems and frustrations? What are the questions they want answered? This is what your blog should be for. This is how you’ll get people to read your blog and stick with reading your blog.

Pages Loading Slowly

This can be a real killer in the blogosphere. If your website or blog pages are loading slowly, readers will not sit around and wait for those pages to load and will go elsewhere to read what they want. This is where proper blog management services come in, so you can figure out what is causing your pages to load slowly and take care of it immediately. There are a few tools available online you can use to find out the loading time of your website like Google Page speed or Webpagetest.

A few other things to look at when improving site load time:

  • Disable Hot linking: Hot linking is when others link to your images or inner web pages that can create a burden on your server.
  • Optimize Images: If your images are optimized for your page and aren’t a gigantic size then your page will load faster.
  • Use Less Plugins: By having less background activity on your website, your site or blog will load faster.

In order to build a successful blog, you have to be able to fix the above problems. By following the right blog management services, you can increase your readership and focus on writing the content that will draw traffic to your site.