SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

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There are many things to learn about SEO in today’s world. On a daily basis, it is an ever changing industrial standard that leads a company’s marketing plans or determines how a company ranks on Google, the leader in search engine supremacy. SEO has changed the way everyone does business, from the big corporations to the mom and pop shop down the road. There is very little difference between online and offline business and just your net capital isn’t enough to determine success. SEO is mandatory for your company and investing in SEO could end up being your most valuable business investment. Here are some SEO tips that will help you bring in more traffic, attract more leads, and make more sales.

SEO Mistake 1: Not Moving Forward

Like we’ve talked about, the digital marketing landscape is always changing, and changing quickly. The problem is that many business leaders are not keeping up with the new developments as they come out. They cling to what used to work and get punished as Google’s updates continue to come out. Instead, some steps to take would be to invest in analytics, this will let you plan for tomorrow after knowing how things are going today.

Also, keep only business information that is critical for you to act upon. Check things like:

  • How you are performing
  • How successful you are in reaching your goals both economic and strategic
  • What makes you more effective
  • How you are getting traffic

Don’t spend money on what you can’t measure. Everything can be tracked and measured for your business. Analyze the value of what you spend your time and money on.

SEO Mistake 2: Don’t Micro-Manage Your SEO

As the leader of your business, you have to decide both how to manage your company without over-managing it. You can understand your business and how everything works together, but if you try to micro-manage every minute detail you could hurt your overall results.

Don’t micro-manage your SEO consultant. SEO is a complex monster which requires much insight and knowledge into many different online disciplines. Remember, your SEO expert is well versed in all of these and can help you out more than you know. Give your SEO expert the space he needs to do his job. When your involvement is necessary, your SEO expert will ask you for your help.

SEO Mistake 3: Lack of Integration

As a business leader, you have to set up integrated multi-channel sales and marketing efforts, which are guided by a strategy that allows for the components to strengthen each other as a whole. Basically, there is an interdependency between the search engines, social media, your PR, mobile campaign, and how successful you are at getting sales and customers for your business.

You have to find an SEO expert that is a mix of an analyst, business developer, and marketer. The best SEO consultant will assist you in new ways to find new customers, get you the opportunities you need for your business, and help you optimize your overall business plan.

These simple SEO tips can help you avoid simple mistakes that end up hurting business owners and their businesses.