This is where your SEO needs to be right now

No one needs to be told that the speed of business these days moves like lightning. Your SEO and social media marketing strategies need to be as flexible and as evolving as they can be to accommodate for this continued speed. While Google continues to tweek things that don’t need tweeking and fixing things that aren’t broken, it remains a hard scramble to stay up on where your SEO should be for your business. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, this is where you need to be:

  • As Google continues to dominate and dictate what search should be, it is important to continue to note that mobile readiness has come to the forefront. If you are not yet optimized for mobile, you should have done that many months ago. While it isn’t too late, it will put you rather far behind your main rivals. Because search and screen time is now so heavily invested in mobile devices, you need to be insuring that your page loading times are less than two seconds. Page loading time must be a priority and it must be fixed today.
  • The next place you need to be in your SEO marketing is being on top of your engagement, your user experience. Google has been all aglow of late with regard to how visitors are engaging with your site and your content. Google is demanding that your pages are actually giving your visitors the information they came there to get. Work toward getting your site up to speed with regard to time spent on pages, your bounce rate (which needs to be as close to zero as possible), and your conversion rate. All of these factors are now heavily affecting your SEO and page rank.

  • As the speed of technology and change drives on, you need to be preparing to optimize yourself for voice search. Voice activated devices have begun to enter the marketplace and are being met with overwhelming success. While voice search isn’t a priority in search at the moment, it will be a proverbial word to the wise to start planning and optimizing for it for it will be here soon.
  • Another helpful SEO intended movement is to add credibility to your site by becoming a small news site. Start publishing news stories concerning your industry or profession. It give you an added dimension of authority and credibility and is just another reason for people to visit you. Expand your audience reach, also, by incorporating some long form content into your content mix. Longer articles that address a need and solves a problem will begin to gain more and more traction as search expands. Visitors are beginning to demand more long form content and it will be a serious consideration for the future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer