SEO Tips for 2013

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A new year brings in a new start for some companies and a continuation for others. The internet is a place that can make or break your company and increasing your exposure on the web should be one of your top priorities. Here are some SEO Tips to help you and your company ring in the new year:

1.     Embrace Google+: Within Google+ you are able to find, join or create communities based on common interests. This can help you create a community with other like-minded individuals in your industry. You can reach out and join industry communities and build a following from there. This can present you with link opportunities and a chance to network in your industry.

2.     Build through Social Media: When building a quality SEO campaign, one thing to keep in mind is that search engines will reward you for the quality content that you create. How do you get rewarded for that though? By having your target audience engaging with you through social media. More importantly, by having them engage you and your company through the content you create and put out on social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

3.     Removing Links: Do you have bad or unnatural backlinks to your website that are negatively affecting your Google rank? With Google’s disavow links tool you can now send a report asking them to remove those harmful links.

4.     Have a Mobile Strategy: The mobile market is the fastest growing market globally and if your company doesn’t have a mobile strategy you’ll be left behind by your competition. Business Insider reported that there were 835 million smart phone users in 2011. That doesn’t include the number of tablet users there are. Your company’s site needs to have a mobile site as well to address those that primarily use those devices.

5.     Target SEO to your Entire Site: When building links across the web, you primarily build links to the pages you want targeted and leave it at that. But what about the rest of your website you’ve taken the time to create? Drive traffic across the entire website to boost your rankings.

6.     Local SEO: It’s important for businesses to have a presence in their community offline as well as online. More and more people are doing searches via mobile devices and this can really help a local business if they have a mobile online presence. By creating and optimizing their sites for searches they increase their visibility.

7.     Building Quality Links: By creating and becoming part of online communities on sites such as Google+ and LinkedIn as well as creating interesting, quality content you can drive traffic to your site and build your online link presence. Try making guest contributions to other blogs and mentioning those blogs on your site as well. Make sure to market your great site content to your social media profiles to increase your exposure and get your content shared to a greater audience.