SEO Tips for the Summer

Posted on July 5, 2013 in Google, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

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It’s summer time which means the sun is shining, people are out enjoying the nice weather and companies like yours are working harder than ever to increase their online SEO (search engine optimization). The most used internet marketing technique is SEO and Google holds the highest numbers when it comes to search engines that you should be trying to rank for. SEO is your online gateway to generating traffic for your site and attracting new customers. Here are some the best SEO practices you can use to increase your overall search engine optimization.

Create Content with Audience in Mind

The best SEO tip you can get is to write content that is friendly to both your target audience and to Google. You could create content specifically for search engine ranking, but then it wouldn’t get read by your viewers and your SEO would drop due to a lack of activity on your site. Quality content that gets the attention of readers will increase your site ranking and increase your SEO. This makes creating quality content your number one priority.


When it comes to creating quality content, you need somewhere to start. That place would be keyword research, another important aspect for SEO. Finding the right keywords can be tough at first, but you have to know what to look for and where to look. Your keywords must be relevant to your brand and your site, but must also be able to bring value to your site as well. Tools such as Google AdWords: Keyword Tool is a great place to start to see what users are searching for online.

Site Speed

What good is your website if it doesn’t load fast enough to keep users on it? In 2010 Google announced that site speed would be integral to site ranking and SEO. Here we are three years later and some websites still don’t understand how important this aspect is. To keep users coming back, you need a site that loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. This will help your overall SEO.

Make a Sitemap

By creating and submitting a sitemap to Google, you provide Google with a way to look at your site quicker. This helps Google index your site easier and faster and could help you out with a faster site ranking.

By following these quick SEO tips you can increase your site ranking with Google and increase your traffic and attract those new customers you’ve been looking for.