SEO Tips for the Twitterverse

Need Social Media Marketing Services in NH? SearchPro Systems is the solution for youTwitter is one of your company’s most important social media outlets. It allows you to connect with customers quickly and in a public forum that will help you build your public image. Using Twitter isn’t always easy though for your social media marketing services. You have to think of SEO (search engine optimization) every time you use Twitter. Improve your social media marketing services by following these SEO for Twitter tips to help you promote your business.

  • The Right Account Name: The URL of your Twitter profile will be your Twitter account name. To get the most out of SEO, put a relevant keyword in your account name for a boost. Figure out what keyword generates the most search volume and use that to help boost your search engine results. Make sure that your Twitter name conveys your company. This will make it clear what people will find on your Twitter account and will be more likely to read, repost, and respond to your tweets.
  • The Right User Name: Different from your account name, your username will show up next to your Twitter profile. It needs to convey what your brand and social media marketing services strategy is. Make sure to keep it short though so it’s easily retweetable.
  • Optimize your Bio: At max, your bio can consist of 160 characters. Like a description, you can plug in your most important keywords here, but don’t overstuff it with them. Be enticing and creative in your description to attract readers.
  • Increase Visibility: If your Twitter account isn’t easily accessible, no one will ever see it! Add a Twitter share button to your website or blog, let your readers and customers know about your Twitter profile in email or on your site, and promote it in new content. Your social media marketing services can be boosted by promoting your Twitter account to lead to more visitors.
  • Increase Linkbuilding: By having a Twitter account you automatically create a place online to create backlinks for your website or blog. This increases your SEO by having an active social media profile that sends traffic back to your site.
  • The First 42: This refers to the first 42 characters of your tweet, this gets included in your Tweet’s title tag. An important aspect for SEO as the title gets extra exposure on Twitter pages. The first 42 is where your most important keywords should go.
  • Keyword-centric Tweets: Keywords play an important role in any social media marketing services campaign and they need to be everywhere, especially in your individual tweets. This will get picked up by search engines and provide you with free organic traffic. Do a keyword analysis to figure out which are your most important keywords that will generate the most traffic for you.
  • Be Retweetable: Retweets are the way to get noticed on Twitter. You have your audience but then your tweet can also reach each and every one of your followers audience as well. This also means confidence in your Twitter account if you keep getting retweeted. What this means though is that you need to keep your tweets short and to the point. 120 characters and less will still be readable after a retweet.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there that allows you to reach a wide and varied audience in a quick manner. By following these tips you can improve your social media marketing services and generate more traffic for your website or blog.