This is what separates the real leaders from everyone else

Leadership is a word that gets throw around a lot these days. But does anyone really know what that actually means? Most people don’t because most people end up being worker bees or mundane and inefficient managers. Real leaders, however, know exactly what it takes to be a leader and to stay a leader. Not everyone can do it. Can you?

  • The first thing the true leaders out there do is that they are honest and upfront about mistakes they have made. They know that you can’t lead a company, or even conduct a human life, without making some poor decisions and mistakes along the way. What separates the leaders is that they admit when they have made a mistake and take immediate measures to rectify it. They never try and make excuses, cover up, or blame something outside of themselves for their mistakes. They own them, asses the damage, and then make a new plan to right the proverbial ship. Those they lead see this honesty and the dedication to getting it right. It inspires, faith, loyalty and trust in those they lead.
  • Leaders know where they are, where they want to be, and how they can get there. They have plans for their own personal growth and they put them into action. They also help others to realize their goals knowing it will be what is best for everyone concerned especially the company as a whole. They share these goals with those they lead which inspires everyone to evaluate where they are and where they want to be in the future. Again, it inspires trust and motivates everyone to reach beyond what they thought were their own personal limits.
  • Leaders bring those they lead into their worlds and share their excitement, their expectations, and their fears with everyone. It brings everyone closer and inspires everyone to work harder to make the business successful. Leaders look for ways to connect on an intimate level with everyone they lead. In addition, the true leaders are transparent with regard to just about everything. There are really no secrets with a leader. They let those they lead know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done. This way, everyone knows what is at stake and what they, as individuals, must do to make the operation or project a success. It creates more teamwork, more trust, and more productivity. Being transparent allows employees to take a personal stake in the outcome and to inspire themselves to reach levels of work they previously thought they couldn’t.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer