Should you be investing your marketing budget in video advertising?

video marketingHave you been contemplating a move toward video advertising? If you have, you are now officially on the cutting edge, virtually ahead of the curve. Video has begun to make it presence known and savvy marketers are moving toward incorporating more of it into their video marketing presentations.

 The major thing to consider is time. How long should a video ad be? While laptop and desktop viewers will, generally, watch a video for two minutes or so, it seems as if people are engaged longer when on their mobile devices. Surveys from various sources indicate that mobile viewers will actually watch a video that lasts up to five minutes.

 So, again, what is the best length for an ad? About 15 seconds. Research has shown that at least 20% will move on before the ten second mark, nearly half by the one minute mark and over 60% after two minutes have gone by. So, keep it short and reach 100% of your audience or go long and engage that 40% who really seem interested in the product or service? Debate continues to rage in marketing departments all over the world. One thing that is not debated, however, is that your video marketing needs to seize the viewer by the throat right from the start. If you can’t do it in the first ten seconds, you will lose them.

 Here are some other stats to keep in mind while you determine if video marketing is a viable tool for your business:

  •  Cisco Systems research has indicated that there are about four million mobile users worldwide who watch an average of two hours worth of video every month. Cisco expects these numbers to drastically increase as time goes on.
  • Video that is in the fifteen second range is shared nearly 40% more of the time than any other type of video lasting longer than that.
  • Online researcher, comScore, has found that most people watch, on average, about thirty videos a month and that comes in at about one hundred million or so video viewers every day.
  • Well over 90% of those surveyed by comScore declared that their buying decisions were greatly affected by the presence of a video at the website or by viewing a previous video ad. In addition, their research found that most people actually watch about seventeen minutes worth of video ads in a given month.
  • Nearly 65% of people that watched a video ad at a website pulled the trigger and bought the product or service offered.
  • And don’t forget to integrate video into your email marketing campaigns. The Forrester Marketing Group recently released research that discovered that companies who included a video in their email pitch had a click through rate of up to 300% greater than those companies that did not use video in their email presentations.

 What does this all mean? It means that video marketing is generating solid leads, driving traffic, and boosting overall sales and revenue. So, what’s your video marketing strategy?