Simple strategies to generate backlinks that matter

You may have been generating some great content yet your organic traffic still is a dribble. The challenge is that backlinks will always remain one of the leading ranking factors related to your long term SEO success. There are several rather simple strategies that you can put into action that will assure you those backlinks and that constant traffic.

  • One of the most effective, though time consuming, ways to drive traffic and to secure backlinks is to create your own original research. Publishing this new and important research sets you up as an immediate expert in your field or industry, Publishing this research along with creating long form guides and how-to’s will pretty much guarantee you backlinks and some traffic you may not have been expecting.
  • Infographics, along with tests and contests, are sure winners when it comes to driving traffic and keeping people engaged and coming back. These will generate backlinks if they are fun, informative and engaging. Other relatively simple strategies include guest blogging and offering your target sites free testimonials. In addition, create list articles or listicles. Yes, you may see them everywhere but they do, indeed, drive traffic like no one’s business. That is why you see them everywhere.
  • Go out and attract those influential journalists and industry bloggers that can help you get noticed. Make certain you are being featured at local publications and news sites. All of this public relations will cost you almost nothing but will get you noticed and will give you the opportunity to extend your reach across the web. When you work hard to establish backlinks at reputable companies and sites, you allow your company to extend its reach and to drive traffic from sectors and demographics that you may not have been previously able to reach.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer