Simple Ways to Boost Your SEO

Posted on September 17, 2013 in Google, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

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The simple strategy for any website is to make sure that your content is of the highest quality, and provides customers a reason to come back. Content isn’t everything though, you also have to give your users a good experience to come back to. That is what your search engine ranking is being based on. By providing that good user experience, you will get rewarded with a higher search engine ranking and boost your SEO in the process. Here are some tips to help you optimize your website for the user experience.

Check Your Own Content

What this means is that every once in a great while, check every piece of content you have on your own site and check it for relevancy and value. If some of your content seems outdated, or if it isn’t time stamped, it’s up to you to either update that content or get rid of it altogether to help out with your SEO. This could include:

  • Profiles of former employees on your about page
  • Outdated promotions or specials
  • Pages for products you don’t make anymore
  • Landing pages for models that say “coming soon” or “out later this year”

Make your Navigation Easier

How easy is it for your users to access the content on your site? This is something that Google is watching out for on every website. Google likes sites that have simple, easy navigation bars that aren’t cluttered. If you have many links that go to similar pages, clean them up and simplify your navigation. Your customers shouldn’t have to try so hard to get to where they want to go. If your navigation seems complicated, then you’re going to lose customers, it’s that simple. Your site navigation should be simple, streamlines, and honest. Your customers will stay on your site longer with a simplified navigation setup and this will in turn help out your SEO.

Be Accessible on Mobile

Recently, Google announced that would be ranking sites depending on how they redirected their users on mobile devices, or if they actually have a mobile website. A mobile website has the advantages of decreasing load times, simplifying navigation, and increasing readability on touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If you don’t have a mobile website or a version of your website for mobile devices, then Google will dock you in search engine rankings. The point is that we live in a world where many customers will be searching for your business from a mobile device, and if your site isn’t accessible, then it’s going to hurt your SEO. Not only will this frustrate your customers, as you will be providing them a bad user experience, but this will also impact your search results ranking.

As a website evolves and changes, you have to make sure you provide your users with a good experience that will want them to come back for more. You do this with relevant content that is valuable to them and is easy to navigate to. This will only improve your SEO over time and boost your website’s search engine rankings.