SMS just may be the strategy to jumpstart some new sales

z151 Short Messaging Service, or SMS, is a relatively new marketing phenomenon but it seems to have begun to emerge as a force in driving traffic. There has been some recent research to suggest that up to 97% of all text messages that get sent by a company actually get opened and read. It is tough to find fault with that initial ROI. However, if you want your SMS campaign to work for you, you need to do some creative work.

  •  You can’t just send out a text that has no apparent reason for existing. You must always keep the “what’s in it for me?” factor in focus at all times. Don’t just send brand awareness texts. They must create a certain value for the potential customer otherwise you will just end up alienating them.
  • One of the key factors to keep in mind is that pretty much no one has any time these days. They are not going to care about your text if you don’t make them care. They must be short and sweet, as they say. They must be similar in nature to a tweet although you can expand on them a bit.
  • The best text to send out is some manner of special discount or coupon incentive. Always start out with the offer. Make them know what is in it for them right away. Then, tell them who you are and how they can get that second pizza for free.
  • A call to action is, of course, a must as is letting them know that they have to act now or the deal will be gone. Make is simple for them. Tell them how you are going to make their life better and then tell them where they have to go to get that.
  • Like your email database, you must make your SMS texting special only to those who have taken the time to sign up for it at your website. This way, you not only have their permission to do it but these customers get to enjoy special perks that no one else does. This will really drive traffic and stimulate brand loyalty. To say nothing of word of mouth especially if you send an offer that they can only get if they bring along a friend or two.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer