Social Media and Marketing for E-commerce Sites

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Social media sites have become a staple of any company trying to make a name for themselves online. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to target your customers quickly and easily. But not all companies know how to use social media effectively to market their products. Here are some quick social media marketing tips for your e-commerce site.

Locate your Customers

The best way to find your customers is to connect with them through social media channels. By connecting with them and drawing them to your site you can have them sign up for a newsletter that you can then distribute on a monthly schedule. By tracking your customers in social media you can quickly understand what their needs are and what they’re looking for in your products. You can change your marketing strategy to fit the wants of your customer. Another great part about social media is that you can promote exclusive offers on those channels which will encourage your customers to visit them more often.

Using Blog Posts

Use your blog to write posts about the products that you sell. Then share these posts on your social media channels. If your content is bland and boring your customers won’t bother reading it, so make it interesting and creative to draw them in. Once your customers start reading about your products they’ll be more likely to buy them so include discounts with the blog posts to help persuade them.

The NOW Effect

When including these discounts on your products, try using a sense of urgency to get people to buy your products. Create a discount but make it so it’s only good for one day, one time period, or one hour. This will turn people into customers as they will appreciate the discounts and will keep coming back for more.

Run a Contest

You can encourage more traffic to come to your site by running a contest with simple rules. Make it a giveaway of one of your flagship products and you can ask your followers to re-tweet and share the contest page on Facebook. This will be free advertising for you as your company and products will get promoted without you having to do much work. This will get you traffic and more awareness of your products online.