Social Media and SEO Services: The Perfect Match

Posted on October 17, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

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There’s SEO and then there’s social media marketing, but when you bring them together, you get this mighty partnership in marketing that is unrivaled for internet marketing. Social media allows you to boost your SEO ranking, maximize your online presence, and capitalize on the most important aspect of any SEO campaign.

What is that you ask? Connecting with your target audience. Social media is so important to the SEO services you provide because it allows you to share your content and your branding efforts with your customers directly. Social media is the best way for your customers to find your content.

Social media and SEO services work together to make sure that your site can be located online, and since social media is free, it is the perfect low-budget component to add to your SEO strategy. Here are some uses for social media to help improve your SEO services.

Using Social Media for SEO Services

  • Don’t Over Reach: As any good SEO marketer can tell you, there may be many options out there for social media, but you can’t use them all. You want to have a presence on the two biggest players in the social media landscape, Twitter and Facebook, but after that, do a little research. Find out where your audience hangs out and focus on those social media channels.
  • Share your Content: So you’re sharing your content via your social media channels, but where are you linking back to? Your homepage? That’s not the best idea. Link directly to your content on your blog or website that will keep users interested on staying. This will help out your SEO rankings as sharing links plays an important part on how search engine ranks are calculated.
  • Brand Building: Social media is the place for you to build your brand and increase your online exposure. Social media platforms allow you to customize your URL and this is just one way to help you increase your visibility. Use the same logo and naming conventions across all channels so that your customers can more easily recognize you anywhere they go.
  • Use the Buttons: The ease of sharing content has been proven to be the enemy of sharing on social media. By adding those nifty social media buttons to any content you put out though, you make it that much easier for users to share your content across multiple social media platforms with the simple click of a button. Make sure to encourage your customers to use those buttons.
  • Use your Profile: A fairly obvious point, but one that is sometimes overlooked, don’t forget to fill out your profile information. Add as much relevant information and links in your profile that you can. This will make it easier for your customers to find you.
  • Google+ is your Friend: Google+ is one of those social media channels that should not be ignored when it comes to your SEO services. Google (the almighty search engine juggernaut) actually factors in Google+ activity when calculating those important SEO ranks. Your Google+ account also links to all of the other Google services, including Google Maps which will help people find your physical business.

Social media mixed with your SEO services is the perfect cocktail for a successful SEO marketing strategy. Add in some quality content and a network of links, you get the perfect blend that will improve your SEO services and increase your online visibility.