Social media brand building can be tricky

Knowing the importance of your social media marketing is not enough anymore. The algorithms that platform users engage with can seem set but they actually morph into something else rather quickly. The true core of it, however, remains community building, conversation and engagement with potential customers. This is where it can get a bit tricky.

  • The first thing that must be recognized is that your brand building efforts on social media is a full time project which means you need a full time person or team on it every day. Making those personal connections, establishing your company as a real live entity rather than just a lot of noise on a billboard or commercial, takes special effort and a talent and skill for developing relationships.
  • A small company can have just as great an impact on a large group of people than can a giant conglomerate. Just establishing a bond of trust and then conversationally letting people know how you can best solve their problem or bring added value into their life will make all of the difference in bringing value to your own brand.
  • By reaching out and making those one on one personal connections, you are already garnering the potential of hundreds, if not thousands, of others. By telling the story of your brand, your company, you gain trust one person at a time. Once that touch and that relationship has been established, that person will tell everyone in their social network about the great experience they have had with you and how they should trust you as well.
  • Your content needs to connect on a personal level also. It must be information that people can really use to make their lives better and to solve problems. It also needs to be engaging insightful content that your social media audience will be more than engaged with and more than willing to share with their expanded networks.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer