Social Media branding is driving 30% of your traffic

z166 Your social media marketing strategy has always been designed to do only one thing. That thing, of course, is driving traffic to your website or to your store. If it isn’t doing that, you need to revamp and restructure.


Shareaholic recently released a study they performed. In that study, they tracked, for several months, over 300,000 sites in an effort to determine where their traffic was coming from. Turns out, 30% of the site traffic was coming from their social media platforms. Getting to 30%, or more, takes time and a concerted effort. Your social media marketing branding strategy will work with time and, of course, the right approach.

  •  Make your tweets stand out on Twitter and be certain to write longer and more engaging content at your blog and out at such platforms as Facebook and Google+. Drive them with Twitter and begin conversations with your content. Educate and entertain them and they will be certain to come.
  • Facebook can be a tricky endeavor for your social media marketing and branding strategy. To increase your reach, try and be involved in Facebook groups and start your own groups. Find those influencers and join their groups. This will expand your brand awareness and offer the opportunity to speak directly with a whole new potential customer base.
  • Don’t limit your social media marketing to just one site. You must know your demographic and know where they are. When you do that, you will engage them right where they are. Hook up with your current followers across your platforms and put your social media marketing strategy to work to engage those groups.
  • Have a positive attitude when engaging your customers and present a proper image in all of your social media marketing. Respond immediately to comments, positive or negative, and build an aura of trust with your followers. Social media marketing and branding is a labor intensive affair. If you don’t have a team dedicated to it venture out and hire a professional SEO and social media marketing firm. You simply can’t leave the future of your company to chance.