Is social media hurting your conversions?

Your search engine optimization efforts and goals are vital to the health of your current and future business. Your social media marketing is an important cog in your overall online marketing machine but are you doing more damage out there than good? Working the proper social media platforms can greatly expand your traffic and your brand awareness but can those efforts actually be sabotaging you at the same time?

  • You need to have engaging content that gets shared and you need to lower those bounce rates. When you can do these two things, not only does your bottom line prosper but Google and the other search engines will begin to recognize that what you post has great relevancy to a large audience. This will, in all likelihood, boost your standing in the rankings. This is, of course, assuming you are doing things right out there.
  • Perhaps the most glaring mistake many businesses make with regard to their social media marketing is not updating and optimizing their profiles. Your social media profiles are most often the first encounter a potential customer has with you and your brand and such profiles are often included in SERP results. If your profiles are not constantly updated and refreshed, as well as totally optimized, your company is losing out on huge amounts of traffic and eventual conversions.
  • Links are a huge ranking factor and the opportunity to attain quality links from your social media marketing efforts is significant. However, the chances of attracting low quality links is there too. Far too many brands don’t take the time to pay serious attention to their links gathering strategy.
  • Making sure your site is as dynamic as it can is crucial because your social media traffic is closely watched and your bounce rates constantly monitored and evaluated.  You must become more engaged with your traffic and with the comments that are left at your social media platforms. These are warm leads you can’t afford to ignore. Your inbound marketing must be constantly optimized so that you are at the top of your game at all times.
  • Finally, don’t ignore those targeted audiences that are ready to pull the buying trigger. Recent research states that YouTube is the second most influential social media platform for people who are ready to buy. Know those influencers in your industry and know where their audience is hanging out. Also, a well developed YouTube channel just may drive more traffic for you, and make more conversions for you, that any other social media platform you may be using.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer