Why your social media marketing really does matter

There are those marketers out there who seem to think that social media marketing is not what it used to be. They point to declining subscriber numbers and, looking at ROI for their clients, have determined it just isn’t what it used to be. They remain in the distinct minority, however, as well over 80% of all American companies continue to press forward with their social media marketing and many are finding as much as a 700% increase in both traffic and sales with their well placed social media efforts.

  • To even think about not using social media platforms to drive traffic is ill conceived at best. Because the social media platforms have evolved over that last few years, there are now more people using them and there is far more and sophisticated data about them to be taken advantage of. As always, you need to know exactly who your customers are, and where they are, if your efforts are to be successful. You need to know the type of content that has been keeping them engaged and keep providing it to them so as to increase your traffic numbers.
  • Social media marketing will always continue to be one of the most effective weapons your company has to increase exposure and increase your brand awareness. Over time, your advertising and content marketing will continue to build your image. As you build name recognition, you begin to become liked and trusted. When you get to the point where people like you and trust you, your traffic and conversions will begin to increase tremendously. People do business with people they like and trust.
  • The amount of data available to your social media marketing efforts these days is simply staggering. It will allow you to properly find and evaluate all of your demographics across multiple social media channels. Not all customers, or social media platforms, are alike. The massive amounts of data available to you will allow you to focus on every single segment of your customer base to deliver the content they want and to drive the traffic you want.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer