Why social media marketing is your ROI superstar

Think social media marketing is a waste of your company’s time? Think it’s a cost you would rather not commit to? Think again. Your social media marketing efforts are an investment, not a cost, and there is no better ROI superstar around. Some recent research from Social Media Examiner and Hubspot reveal that well over 95% of all companies are employing social media marketing with nearly 80% of those surveyed reporting that it has boosted traffic to their sites.

Just a few more reasons social media marketing will be your ROI superstar:

  • It increases your brand and name recognition which means it increases the trust people will have in your company which means that you will experience a higher rate of brand loyalty. Research done at Texas Tech University found that businesses who were active with their social media marketing had far higher customer loyalty than those companies who weren’t out there.
  • Your social media presence offers you a daily opportunity to drive traffic and make conversions. Your audience has been following you which means they have come to trust you. This means more click throughs and more opportunities to turn that traffic into sales. Research continues to find that social media marketing outperforms outbound marketing methods by a huge margin because your social media presence offers you the chance to show potential customers that you have a human face that cares about them. Social media lets you make it personal.
  • Because you have been interacting with your social media audiences, your brand, your company, is seen as a major player in your industry and profession simply through customer loyalty and sharing. In addition, you can actually cut your operating costs as your social media marketing efforts will take up far less time during the week to deploy than many other standard marketing strategies. Also, Google has long considered social media presence as a major factors in their search rankings. So, with no more effort, you have increased the possibility of boosting your SEO and your page rankings.
  • If you are still mired in the mud with regard to throwing a major effort into your social media marketing then there a couple of reasons to stop wringing your hands. The first should be obvious to you and that is the fact that it is highly likely that your rivals are out there and will gladly gobble up the market share you are ignoring. The sooner you decide to deploy your social media marketing, the faster the ROI comes roaring in and the longer you wait to begin, the longer you risk losing credibility and business to your competitors.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer