Social media marketing taking new directions?

Investing in social media marketing is one of the most effective strategies any small business can make. The social media landscape, however, can be tricky and volatile and it can be a challenge to see where your resources can best be deployed. The recent Social Media Marketing Industry report seems to offer clues with regard to where social media marketing may be headed for the remainder of this year. The following excerpts are taken from the published findings at MarketingCharts:

  • Findings are based on a global survey of 4,394 marketers, the majority of whom work for small businesses (1-10 employees). Close to two-thirds (65%) focus primarily on B2C marketing. It’s important to point out that the majority (64%) of respondents are from small businesses (1-10 employees), so this report does not necessarily reflect the activities of larger enterprise businesses.
  • Some 72% of the more than 4,300 marketers surveyed say they plan to increase their use of Instagram videos in the near future, while 71% expect to increase their use of YouTube videos. Two-thirds of marketers also plan to up their use of Facebook video and half (51%) plan to do so on LinkedIn.

SocialMediaExaminer Future Social Video Platform Usage Trends Jun2021

  • When asked to identify the most important video format for their business, the largest share cited native video (42%). Used by half of the respondents, YouTube is the top platform for native video publishing. Facebook (44%) is the second most-used, with LinkedIn (22%) coming in a distant third.
  • Stories or short-form videos, considered the most important video format by one-third of the marketers surveyed, are almost exclusively the domain of Instagram and Facebook — used by 59% and 53% of respondents, respectively. This is compared to YouTube (22%), LinkedIn (16%) and Twitter (12%) which are used by far fewer marketers for this format of video.

Biteable Marketing Videos Used by Businesses Mar2021

  • Facebook is also the most used social platform for live video, with 3 in 10 marketers posting videos on the platform. There may be a good reason for marketers to use Facebook for this type of video. Q3 data from last year shows that live video generated the highest organic interactions compared to any other post type on Facebook. When marketers were asked of which video platforms they were eager to improve their video marketing knowledge, the responses showed a near-even split between YouTube (72%), Instagram (71%) and Facebook (70%).

-Written by Kevin Sawyer