How social media reviews are a key to boosting your conversions

So, how do you continue to try and distinguish yourself from your rivals? How does your brand awareness and SEO efforts translate into trust, traffic and conversions? As with all successful businesses, it is an ongoing effort and a combination of many things. But, far too often, many small businesses ignore something that is not only for free, but can be invaluable with regard to your reputation and the trustworthiness of your brand. That something is known as social proof or the good old fashioned great review.

  • There is no stronger link to trust and credibility that you being able to post testimonials from happy and satisfied customers. Online testimonials and reviews are often the first thing today’s consumer looks at before making the decision to buy. Online reviews carry much weight these days and you need to pursue them and put them up.
  • The biggest boost you will see will be with your SEO marketing efforts. Positive and glowing language will be associated with your site and with your company on any search. It only helps your positive exposure. It also provides added strength with regard to trust because it demonstrates to everyone that you are concerned with the quality of your products and services and that you strive to meet your customer’s needs and to continue to solve problems for them.
  • So, how to encourage positive reviews and glowing testimonials? Surveys are a great way to solicit feedback and many of your customers will take them and provide you with valuable information about your company. Encourage all of these satisfied customers to post comments at their social media pages. Another great way is to send out some manner of samples to all of the influencers you can track down. Anyone you can find that has a rather large following is a target for your samples and discounts.
  • Keep the rotation fresh and don’t forget to try and draw reviews and testimonials from everywhere your brand is exposed. Just keep in mind that you have to go after them. If you don’t ask for them, you may never get them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer