Is this why your social media ROI is not where it should be?

Most small business owners think the best way to crank their SEO is to just post content and gather as many “friends” and followers as they can. The problem seems to be that not enough companies are taking their social media presence seriously enough. They fail to realize how critically important it can be to boosting their overall SEO efforts. The god of search, Google, has long declared that social media plays a critical role in rankings but most businesses simply can’t understand what they are missing.

  • What is mostly missing is taking the time to know and understand what makes social media marketing effective in the first place in relation to your overall SEO efforts. The profile you build, or don’t build, can be vital to your ROI because Google has actually decided that search rankings with regard to social media are heavily dependent on profiles established.
  • It is sad to note that far too many small businesses barely give their profile information a second glance at their social media platforms. The more complete your profile, the higher the ranking compared with those others in your industry or profession. To continue the sadness, there are so many small business media profiles out there that don’t even contain a store location address, a phone number or even an email address.
  • Most of the platforms have a plethora of opportunities to complete a full and engaging profile of yourself and your company. It is, in essence, an opportunity to create a website within a website. What also gets missed by small business SEO and social media “teams” is the fact that these platforms, especially the giants, are also full blown search engines. Facebook actually handles over two billion searches a day. You continue to miss out on traffic driving opportunities if you neglect to make your profile the engaging marketing piece it needs to be.
  • Boosting your brand awareness through your profiles means you are in charge of your of your image. You can directly control how potential customers see you and your business. Use your best copywriters for the profile job and be sure that key words and phrases are properly sprinkled throughout. You must also treat these profile pages as if they were, indeed, websites. That means vibrant colors and layout, the use of quality images and videos and engaging and informational content that will get shared around as well as direct links to your home page. Make sure you are posting to a regular schedule and be certain that everything, especially your profile, is easily liked back to your site. Your social media needs to be driving traffic and that won’t happen with a halfhearted effort and everyone cheering because you have so many “friends”.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer