Why your social media strategy equals conversions

Being in business, you know quite well that you are never going to get anywhere without an effective overall plan to get there. Too many small businesses tend to ignore the benefits of having a solid social media strategy in place. With the proper strategy for social media marketing, you can get personal with your potential customers and begin to form relationships that will last long into the future. Research has consistently shown that trust wins out over price every time and the best way to build trust is through your social media strategy.

  • The first step in establishing a successful social media marketing campaign is to determine exactly who your customers are and which social media platforms they tend to visit the most. Once you have discovered that, you need to go slowly and test and measure all of your results. There is no need to jump in with both feet immediately. Craft your content carefully and use it to educate your audience in a long term attempt to establish your authority as well as to build trust. Learn to craft your information and your message specifically for the type of social media platform you wish to be involved with.
  • Once you have a content strategy developed, you will need to add visuals as well as to understand the critical importance of headlines. These must immediately engage and pull the reader in to what you want them to know and where you want them to go. You must also become adept at establishing calls to action in your posts. You must make it worth their time to understand you and to realize that you can solve a problem for them or bring added value into their lives. Show them what you want them to do and lead them by the hand all the way to the conversion.
  • Use your posts and your calls to action to motivate them to visit you now and to buy now. Everyone loves a great deal of a chance for a discount. Offer them something that they simply can’t refuse. Also, make it a game, an entertainment for them. Contests and ongoing games and mysteries attached to certain prizes and discounts will draw them in and even inspire them to share your posts with their entire social network.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer