Why is your social media strategy a failure?

Posted on February 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

z148Is your business actually employing a social media strategy that works? Have you even defined what that means? Your social media strategy exists for only one purpose and that purpose is to drive traffic to your site.

  •  The major challenge, and barrier to success, continues to be a lack of strong personnel handling social media marketing operations. They lack the skill and the training to be effective. Just because they have a Facebook page doesn’t mean that they are qualified to direct your social media strategy. The strategies that are failing are mostly due to people who have no business or marketing training and who don’t understand the scope of the strategy.
  • Another failure has been a company’s inability to, or avoidance of, returning feedback to any and all comments left at your social media platforms. Here, again, inexperience and the lack of a cohesive plan will open a company up to failure. Your social media people must be experienced workers who understand business and understand, not only marketing, but understand sales. It takes great delicacy and experience to handle comments properly especially the negative ones.
  • Limiting the type of content posted at your social media platforms is not helpful. If all you have are text articles, try throwing in a video every once in a while. Too much of the same gives your company the reflection that it is too boring and unimaginative to be considered. Offer a variety of content all looking to enhance their lives and solve their problems.
  • Many small business owners think that their social media presence is there to constantly make the hard sell. Too much promotion means less traffic. People don’t want the hard sell anymore. People want information that will add value to their lives. They want to see a company that cares about them and their people. You can, of course, promote, but do so sparingly and get professional sales people to do it. Don’t leave these things to the twenty year old intern you just brought on because they have a Facebook page and you probably think that they know what they are doing.
  • Finally, don’t dilute yourself and your message. You don’t need to be out on every social media platform there is. Focus your social media marketing strategy on just a small handful and deliver more than they expect.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer