Social media strategy must keep up with the lightning pace

Posted on April 4, 2014 in SEO

Are you a company looking for VSEO in NH? SeachPro Systems is the solution for youSocial media moves at the speed of light and every company and entrepreneur would do well to remember that. Your social media strategy can be extremely beneficial to your company but you need to stay on top of what works. What may be working for you on Facebook is not going to work out at LinkedIn or out on Twitter or Instagram.


  • Videos are crucial to your social media success. Graphics as well add that touch of the visual. Research is suggesting that those companies whose social media pages are heavily populated with images and videos are having the best luck in immediate engagement. Engaging the customer is everything but most just simply do not have the time to wade through tons of text.
  • Working with images and videos brings a sharper focus to your text and your overall blog success. Using your text to move the customer to action can only be enhanced by creative graphics, images, and videos that help explain why action is needed to be taken immediately.
  • Stay abreast of guideline changes at each social media platform. This will make things more efficient when you are trying to track your LSI or your keyword momentum. Don’t be afraid to run an ad now and again to sustain momentum, drive traffic and increase subscribers and “friends”.
  • Don’t forget to update as often as you can. Nothing frightens off potential customers like coming to your page and seeing the same thing for three weeks. They will not come back if you do not update. Visiting your social media must be a priority for them.
  • Respond immediately to any comments you get especially the negative ones. Engaging those potential customers who seemed less than thrilled with you will put a face to your company. It shows that you care about your work and their opinion and that you value their business.