Is your social media your top sales rep?

Like today’s marketing strategies, social media is in constant motion providing businesses with an opportunity to make some conversions every day. Your social media marketing allows you to build a following of loyal customers and allows those customers to spread the word through their own social networks. While it is a long term commitment, social media can be a powerful weapon for driving traffic and turning that traffic into sales.

  • Remember it is all about your branding and name recognition. This is why you must use the same handle across all of your social media platforms. Sounds like a simple thing but too may businesses just slap any old ID up on their social media profiles. When you can unify your names, you can unify your message and your brand. Name recognition breeds trust so be sure you are you everywhere. Consistent strategies bring consistent results.
  • As always,  you must know where your potential customers hang out on social media and then you need to be there. Not only must you know where they are but you must also know when they are. Every social media platform has their own specific times when their audiences are most active. Know when that is, post your content, and watch your traffic soar.
  • Perhaps the best content to use out there is the testimonial. Getting satisfied and loyal customers writing testimonials for you will work wonders with regard to branding and name recognition. Better still, get them on video. Customer testimonials are pure gold with regard to building up the trust factor because potential customers can see people who have already used your product or service and are happy about it.
  • Make sure you can speak in the language of the platforms you are on. If you can’t, find someone who can. If you look like an amateur, you will be treated like an amateur which means you will be ignored. Finally, when you are posting those calls to action, make certain that when someone clicks on through, they end up at a proper landing page that is poised to walk them through the sales process. After all, that’s why you are doing all of this.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer